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Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Limbs

This Bow is dandy for the skills seeker or the beginner, with its design, the galaxy Sage Takedown recurve Bow is a high-qualitybow in a variety of colors and styles. The Limbs are made of fiber glass, which makes them very durable and shock-resistant, they are also offer a pair of perfect, unique the galaxy Sage and galaxy Sage Takedown with alternative for either 2 or 4 claws.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Limbs Amazon

If you're hunting for a recurve Bow that's both quality and affordable, Sage is the answer, with 40 Limbs and 62 this Bow is capable of dealing serious damage. Plus, it's made from heavy-duty materials making it resistant to wear and tear, this Sage Takedown Bow is a beautiful Bow with beautiful limbs. It imparts an 20-bore quiver and is equipped with and quiver, it also renders two strings. The Bow is in top-notch condition with no broken bones or damage, this is a for a display or use. If you're searching for a recurve Bow that you can trust, the sas Sage premier Bow is a peerless choice, with its high-quality Limbs and tips, the Sage is sure to provide you with the power you need to take down prey. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, the sas Sage is a top-notch surrogate for sure, the Sage Takedown recurve Bow is a fantastic Bow for target shooting or for taking games it imparts an advanced design that makes it uncomplicated to take games with its 55 lb reach. The Sage Takedown recurve Bow is moreover fantastic for water hunting, with an 8-inch mid-length barrel and a cloth grip, this Bow is first-rate for all types of shooting.