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Galaxy Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

This is a must-have for any Galaxy Sage user scouring to take down the bow, this recurve Bow is top-of-the-line for use in public or around the house. With a straightforward to follow instructions, you will be able to take down your Bow in a snap.

Galaxy Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Walmart

Looking for a Takedown recurve Bow that is practical for your shooting needs? Don't search more than the Galaxy sage! This Bow is designed for right-hand shooters and is fabricated with an 35 lb weight, it grants a standard-gauge shoot and is fabricated with a durable pvc barrel. When you take this Bow down, it will feel like a step up from your average recurve bow, our Galaxy Sage Takedown recurve Bow is a first-rate left hand Bow for basketball, golf, and personal finance. With an 40 lb weight and an 60 lb reach, this Bow is sensational for taking down ripe trees or for target practice, the cylindrical bowhead steel blade is joined by a quivering-point steel blade, making this Bow a reliable workhorse. Plus, the bow's "beaded spine" system ensures stability in tight spaces, this Galaxy 62 take down recurve Bow is a best-in-class alternative for use in sports or open-air gym workouts. With an easy-to-use manual and automatic take down system, this Bow is superb for first-time Bow users or those who have used in the past, this Bow also features a comfortable and stable design that should not cause concern. The 62 take down recurve Bow is prime for the individual who wants the best of both worlds; performance and portability, the Galaxy Sage recurve Bow is a top-rated take down Bow for left hand shooters. It is a strong, durable recurve Bow with an.