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Obert Black Hunter Recurve Bow

The Black Hunter recurve Bow is a terrific mix of a traditional Bow and a trainer’s bow, this Bow can be configured as a takedown Bow with an 60-pound limb, or it can be configured as a bamboo core Bow with an 20-pound limb. It provides a rh 20-60 lbs balsa and is fabricated with a variety of materials to ensure of space, the Black Hunter is unequaled for target shooting, deer hunting, or other Bow hunting applications.

Cheap Obert Black Hunter Recurve Bow

This Black Hunter recurve Bow is a practical way for suitors searching for an excellent Bow and archery takedown bow, this Bow is fabricated with a bamboo core limb in 60 feet per minute arrow speed and 20-60 lbs power. It comes with a bowstring return spring and is backed by a manufacturer's warranty, if you are scouring for a recurve Bow to help you take on big game, then a recurve Bow is unequaled for you. This Bow features 51 arrows with 20-55 lb power, it imparts a night sights system that lets you setting the Bow to look in the sky at night, which is top-rated for adult archery hunting. This Bow is again versatile for use in all types of hunting, from simple deer to large animal to urban safety shooting, the Black Hunter recurve Bow is best-in-the-class for adult archery hunting or deer hunting. It is a recurve Bow that is 20-55 lb force tested and ready for its first mission - hunting, this Black recurve Bow is fabricated with an 3-2-1 Bow tube with a length of line and a length of arrow. It presents a pre-strung quiver at the back of the Bow and is equipped with a quiver full of 10 arrows, the Bow is and can be easily adapted to the specific needs of the hunter. This is a brand new recurve Bow with a Black Hunter takedown, it is in top condition with no flaws. It is able to shoot very well at up to 60 yards and is able to take very low targets, this is a first rate Bow for practice or for when you are hunting to take on a target that is a bit beyond your average hunter.