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68 Inch Recurve Bow

The new gk archery juno take-down recurve Bow is sensational for people scouring for an easy-to-use Bow that they can take down from the side or top of a building, this Bow features a simple, easy-to-use Bow that can be taken down from the side or top of a building.

68 Inch Takedown Recurve Bow

This 68 Inch takedown recurve Bow is exceptional for Bow hunting, hands down, with its dual hard maple limbs, this Bow is able to take shot like no other. This is an enticing Bow for all sportsmen as it can be used for hunting, sports, and even warfare, this medium 68 Inch archery recurve Bow is top-of-the-heap for recurve bows and is a sterling alternative for any shoot. It is basic to adopt and grants a wide range of options including adjustability, durability and adjustability, with its nika design, this Bow is sensational for any shoot or office stay. The extreme-c foam core carbon limbs are best-in-class for quenching your quiver of arrows, with their carbon fiber design and high-quality materials, these bowstrings are made to last. The ideal foam fiberglass limbs are unequaled substitute for takedowns because they are durable and have very good performance, the il mitts provide good stability and refer-to-mechanism for constant action. The arrows have a very smooth action and a very low center of gravity, the mitts are well-made and have a good feel. The littlest can pick up the Bow with ease.