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Striker Recurve Bow

This Striker Bow is a classic Bow made to look and feel like a classic bow, but with the modern technology and design of the Striker company, you can trust that your money is being spent into a quality bow. The 43-47 rh custom handcrafted recurve Bow is produced to do more than just do what traditional Striker bows do, it is designed with an all-purpose bowstring and hand-lung to give you the power and range you need to take on anything. The Striker company provides killed the goal of a traditional bow, so now you can have a Bow that can take anything, with the new, modern technology and design, you can trust that you are getting a quality Bow that will give you the power and range you need to take on any obstacles.

Striker Recurve Bow Amazon

If you're searching for a high-quality Striker Bow that will give you the power you need to take on whatever the competition offers, then you need to inquire into this bow, the détroit-based company that makes this Bow is known for its high-quality products, and you'll be glad you did. The Striker recurve is a classic bow, meaning that it's made with high-quality materials and construction, it's a top-of-the-line substitute for a competitive golfers or for use in us tournaments. The g5 Striker recurve Bow is a valuable alternative for folks who itch to hunt in open country or want the best Bow experience, the Striker Bow is manufactured with a high quality wood and features a three-lettered Bow name. It is sure to provide the hunter with an advantage in competition, it features an 3 blade 100 grain 1. 25 cut broadhead, it is fantastic for use in shooting sports such as sports shooting, rifle, or pistol.