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Mongolian Recurve Bow

This traditional recurve Bow is excellent for hunting by archery Mongolian horse bow, it is a sterling alternative for shoppers hunting for a high-quality Bow for their horse. This Bow renders an 45 lb limit on it and can be used for hunting or target shooting.

57 in Takedown Recurve Bow Hunting  Set Archery Right Left Hand

57 in Takedown Recurve Bow

By sososhoot


40lbs Archery Recurve Bow Handmade Mongolian Horse Bow Adult Hunting Shooting
50lb 58

50lb 58" Ben Pearson Archery



57 in Takedown Recurve Bow Hunting w/ 12Pcs Arrow Set Archery Right Left Hand US

57 in Takedown Recurve Bow

By Unbranded


30LBS 51 Inch Archery Recurve Bow & 12Pcs arrow set For Adults Training Practice

54" 28Lbs Recurve Bow Archery

By Apluschoice


Traditional Mongolian Recurve Bow

This traditional Mongolian recurve Bow is a first-class alternative for arrows and bows, it gives an 30 lbs. Limit on it and it is 40 lbs, it is a good Bow for archery. It is furthermore good for target use, the quiver tube is on the left side of the bow. This Bow is manufactured with a cambered Bow tube and a v-hilt, it offers a green anodized aluminum Bow tube and a green and black anodized aluminum Bow tube. The Bow is manufactured to be used with 12-point Bow syndrome, the recurve Bow is used for hunting and of targets of d6-d8. The Bow is uncomplicated to left-handed, the Bow comes with an 12-pack of arrow set and an 12-pack of right-hand arrow set. Recurve Bow shooting is a type of Bow making where an arrow is fitted with a Bow system that helps to draw and guide the bowstring through the target, this system can be used to shoot a Bow from a standing or gravity-powered position. This 40 lbs archery recurve Bow is handcrafted out of high quality wood, making it sterling for hunting or shooting, it is able to shoot well at up to 40 yards, making it first-rate for or Bow hunting classes.