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Herters Recurve Bow

Recurve Bow is a top tool for a top-of-the-heap shot, it gives a sleek, modern look and is manufactured with high-quality materials. The recurve Bow is a must-have for any archer.

Herter's Recurve Bow

The recurve Bow is a for use in archery or rifle sports, it is produced of strong wood and presents a very durable construction. It is excellent for shooting prey or prey feeders, this Bow is additionally peerless for shooting arrows or stone fruits. The recurve Bow is an enticing Bow for left hand shooters, it is a big Bow that can handle all shooting conditions. The recurve Bow is fabricated of high quality materials and it is sure to provide you with all the strength you need to shoot shooting with confidence, this recurve Bow is an excellent condition vintage bow. It presents inch width and is about 50 pounds, it renders a valuable line and is in excellent condition. This Bow can be used for natural or artificial arrows, this recurve Bow is in excellent condition with no issues. It imparts an 67% gray surpassed rating on ebay, it is currently being sold at $1.